26″ & 29″ Check-in Luggage

Functional Checked Luggage for Fashionable Flyers

Conquer the road, sea, or sky with our Check-In Suitcase. Built with the stylish frequent flier in mind, this checked bag collection comes in both softside luggage and hardside luggage options to deliver functionality and fashion so you can be the most stylish (and practical) traveler at baggage claim. An easy-to-handle design, TSA-approved features, and precise organizational compartments put BÉIS check-in luggage above the rest. From the hotel room to the airline’s baggage claim, our sleek suitcases will protect your belongings—that’s safety in style.

Packing (and unpacking) is a game of strategy. That’s why BÉIS emphasizes flexible, utilitarian designs in all of our checked luggage. No more digging for socks or leaving that extra pair of jeans behind to meet weight limit restrictions. With thoughtful touches like pouch inserts, expandable zipper pullers, and an on-the-go “Dirt Bag” for laundry runs, our check-in luggage simplifies the travel experience, from the first item on your packing list to those last-minute must-haves you almost left behind.

To complete the effortless traveler look, we embrace chic minimalist ridges and neutral colorways. Are you a beige, black, or grey kind of person? Why not mix and match between your 21” carry-on and your 26” and 29” checked luggage set?

All the Luggage, None of the Lugging

With our thoughtfully designed checked baggage, we’re doing away with those usual airport annoyances—stuck wheels, hard-to-carry suitcases, and uncomfortable handles. Whether you’re running to your airline’s gate or Uber, our lightweight rollers will never drag you down. The cushioned trolley handle and 360-degree wheels allow for swift, seamless mobility to navigate those small plane aisles or long terminal walks. Meanwhile, our 100% PolyCarbonate casing delivers lightweight yet durable protection—no cracked casings, but no excess baggage either. And with a sturdy top and side straps, lifting your checked luggage has never been easier.

Packing has never been better, either. With BÉIS check-in rollers, every item has its place. Expandable zippered pullers, padded laptop pouches, and interior zip pouches keep your most precious belongings safe and secure. And when you’re on the road, our built-in “Dirt Bag” holds your wet, dirty, smelly clothes to keep your clean clothes clean. It has every pouch you need in one sleek package making it the best checked luggage.

Two Sizes, One Travel-Ready Bag

Whether carrying on or checking, every suitcase should fit your packing list. That’s why we created two functional checked baggage sizes. Our smaller 26” model is perfect for those week-long city adventures or ski trip getaways. Taking a summer sabbatical? Check out our larger 29” rollers for a mini-wardrobe on the road. No matter the size, each TSA-approved roller carries the same packing and protective features for travel ease. Even better? You always get two extra inches of expandable space allowing you to pack all of your travel fits without having to bring another checked bag.

At BÉIS, we believe style and substance go hand-in-hand. Our functional check-in rollers don’t just work well—they look great, too. Sleek, matte hard-shell casing gives an ultra-modern feel, while the neutral shades complement any airport outfit. Even the functional number-lock adds to the polished look, protecting your belongings in style. Who says flight fashion is impractical?

Planes, trains, or automobiles—our soft-sided collapsible and hard-shell check-in rollers can handle any adventure and turn packing into a stress-free activity. Just stack one suitcase inside the other and store them until the next adventure! No matter what that is, you’ll have checked bags that look and feel right for the job.