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      Soft-Sided Collapsible Carry-On Roller in Black

      Soft-sided collapsible carry-on roller in Black

      The Carry-On Roller in Black

      The carry-on roller in Black

      The Carry-On Roller in Grey The Carry-On Roller in Grey

      The carry-on roller in Grey

      The Carry-On Roller in Navy

      The carry-on roller in Navy

      The Carry-On Roller in Beige

      The carry-on roller in Beige


      Convenient Carry-Ons for Chic Travelers

      For all its excitement and splendor, travel comes with a few difficulties, too—don’t let your carry-on luggage become one of them. Our 21” hard shell and soft-sided collapsible carry-on suitcases are the stylish solution to airport chaos. Organizational pouches, a lightweight feel, and an easy-access butterfly opening offer functional support on the road. Even better? Our hardshell design protects your belongings in a chic ridged casing and our collapsible collection makes for easy storage and even easier packing. And don’t forget about last-minute checked baggage at the gate—this carry-on luggage has built-in, TSA-approved locks.

      Whether you prefer a soft-sided carry-on or hard shell suitcase, our luggage is so easy to travel with. Our carry-on suitcases expand two inches to fit that backup pair of jeans and that sequined dress you know you won't wear, but throw in “just in case.” Smooth 360-degree wheels and a cushioned handle will have you navigating plane aisles like a pro. And no matter your flying ‘fit of choice (cute, classy, or totally cozy), you’ll always have the perfect accessory, thanks to our minimalist design and three neutral colorways: beige, black, and grey.

      Master the Weekend Getaway with BÉIS Set

      When it comes to your carry-on bag, flexibility is key. You need a suitcase that can handle a weekend beach trip, a ski vacation, and a work conference—enter the BÉIS roller carry-on.

      Struggling to zip your luggage closed? Tossing clean and dirty clothes in a jumbled mess? Not with our carry-on roller design. From perfectly sized pockets to detachable compression straps, each strategic detail eases your travel. Safely store your belongings with built-in and pop-out pouches (there’s even a removable “Dirt Bag” to handle that mid-trip load of laundry or keep your wet bathing suit separate between destinations). And to hold it all together, expandable zipper pullers and four-point compression flaps allow you to maximize your packing space (no more agonizing over wedges vs. platforms—bring them both!).

      We built our hard and soft-sided carry-on luggage to last. For hard shell casing, BÉIS only uses durable 100% virgin PolyCarbonate. This high-quality cabin luggage material won’t dent with every bump, whether inside the overhead bin or on the security belt. And if you spill that airport latte, no big deal! Our suitcases are stain-resistant, both inside and out. Consider it the last carry-on you’ll need.

      Sleek Size, Sleeker Style—A Carry-On For the Modern Flier

      With our carry-on luggage, the security line is your runway (not your ruin). Our thoughtful design maximizes space while adhering to TSA-approved guidelines, coming in at a versatile 14" x 9" x 22". Even fully expanded, these rollers can snugly slide into most overhead bins. And with lightweight material, both hardshell and soft-sided carry-on luggage has never been easier to handle. Just grab it from the sturdy side or top handles, and lift it onto that security conveyor belt like a pro.

      Whether going through the X-ray, getting loaded into the cargo hold on an overbooked flight, or sitting right next to you, your belongings need protection. That’s why our carry-on bags (and all of our luggage) come with TSA-approved locks. Just set your triple-number combination, and voila! Secured valuables all trip long. From the hostel to the overhead bin, our carry-on design will carry your belongings safely.

      With organized compartments, stylish looks, and secure features, we’re taking the stress out of airline travel, so the only baggage you’re carrying is the one holding your clothes. Want to conquer any vacation? Combine our hard shell or soft-sided carry-on with matching 26” and 29” check-in bags! With BÉIS, every trip is a chance to unlock your inner traveler and keep your inner calm.