Market & Produce Bags

Reusable Grocery Tote Bags & Lightweight Backpacks

Who else is in the mood for an endless summer? Between warm sandy beach days, celebratory weekend barbeques, hours spent boating on the lake, and regular outings to the nearest market to shop local, there are so many ways to enjoy the summer season. 

With a fully loaded agenda, how do you plan on transporting all of the essentials, whether it be beach towels and sunscreen, refreshing beverages and snacks, or even that hunk of kale and those freshly picked peaches you purchased at the market? Enter the BÉIS Summer Market Collection, thoughtfully curated to top off your adventures all summer long. 

The Summer Market collection was designed to help you transport all of your goods from point A to point B with ease, while, of course, looking chic as ever. Go ahead and dump that clunky plastic cooler, ditch the makeshift beach bag which really is meant to be an athletic bag that is currently filled with sand, and lastly, say sayonara to the recurring event of you juggling all of the produce you purchase each time at the neighborhood market.

Cooler Backpack, Cooler Tote, and the Shopper Tote

Start using reusable grocery bags. Sharing the same mesh material, the Shopper Tote is the perfect addition for your weekly run to the neighborhood market or grocery store. Pair the grocery tote bag with the Produce Bag Set to help kick that habit of using single use plastic or disposable plastic bags when shopping the produce aisles! 

Cheers to a chic & sustainable summer!