Luggage Comparison Guide

Whether you're packing for a weekend getaway or a trot across the globe, our lightweight luggage can accompany you wherever you go —it’s the ultimate travel essential.

  • The Front Pocket Carry-On

    15.35”W x 21.85”H x 9"D
    47L Weight Capacity
    Front Pocket

  • The Carry-On

    15.7”W x 22.8”H x 9.8"D
    61L Weight Capacity

  • The 26" Check-In

    17.7”W x 28.3”H x 11"D
    94L Weight Capacity

  • The 29” Check-In

    19.6”W x 31.3”H x 13.6"D
    112L Weight Capacity

  • Soft-Sided Collapsible Carry-On

    14”W  x 22”H x 9"D
    60L Weight Capacity
    Collapsible & Expandable

  • Soft-Sided Collapsible Check-In

    18.5”W  x 32”H x 13"D
    125L Weight Capacity
    Collapsible & Expandable

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Carry On Rollers

The Carry-On Roller fits in standard overhead bins making it perfect for easy storage on smaller trips. Plus it expands two extra inches, so you always have extra packing space to do a little shopping on your trip.

Front Pocket Carry-On Rollers

Still featuring all the elements you love about The Carry-On Roller (a durable hard shell, 360* wheels, multiple handles, plus TSA locks and a weight limit indicator), now sized perfectly for international travel with heightened compartment function.

Check-In Rollers

Packing for a big trip? This smooth rolling luggage holds everything you need without going over the baggage weight limit, thanks to the handy weight limit indicator that lets you know that your baggage may need to lose a few L-Bs.