Hard Shell Luggage

Feel first class, every flight

Travel like a certified jet-setter with our premium hard case luggage. Available in four chic neutral shades—black, beige, navy, and grey—and with a sleek 3D striped design for a touch of edge, your luggage will look more like a fashion accessory than a hard shell rolling suitcase. Whichever sophisticated hue you choose, rest easy knowing that your luggage’s beautiful form is always paired with practical function.

​​Every bag is equipped with a built-in TSA lock and weight indicator to fight away extra stress and fees of a checked bag. 360-degree wheels make rolling through the airport a breeze. Pockets, dividers, and laundry bags keep you organized on even the wildest girls' trip or whirlwind weekend getaway. Every detail is carefully curated inside and out, so all you have to think about is if you want an aisle or window seat.

A little luxury luggage for everybody

Whether you’re flying business in the truest sense of the word or heading on a beach vacation with nothing but sunscreen and swimsuits, there’s a hard shell suitcase just for you. The Carry-On Roller is the perfect companion for a weekend getaway. At only 21” inches tall, you’ll look like a traveling pro when you effortlessly lift your carry-on into the overhead bin. Plus, you’ll have the help of the easy-grip silicone side-straps and top handle on this hard sided luggage to help you easily navigate through the airport and airplane. Store anything you might need mid-flight in the interior pockets for quick access.

Looking for a bigger suitcase? There’s the 26” Check-In Roller. Airport aficionados, occasional tourists, and first-time flyers this is the luggage you want waiting for you at baggage claim. It’s an efficient size to fit anyone’s travel necessities without feeling too bulky. But if you never want to worry about packing light again, the 29” Large Check-In Roller should be your travel buddy.

Best for long-stay trips or the traveler who thinks of everything—and we mean that literally—this durable and expansive suitcase guarantees you never have to leave anything behind with its significantly larger packing space. Not even your 10-step skincare routine (and don’t worry, every interior is lined with quick-clean fabric in case of spills). Best of all, you can feel free to shop all you want while you’re away. With the expandable 2” zip, creating extra packing space is no problem.

If you can’t choose one size, or simply don’t want to, buy yourself a luggage set and save up to 15%. With our hard side luggage, you’ll always look and feel like the definition of a luxury traveler. Emphasis on always: this luggage is high quality, heavy-duty, and has a limited lifetime warranty. With fashionable, functional suitcases, there’s no downside—just hard shell luggage.