The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Travelers

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Travelers

With the holiday season approaching, you might be wondering what the traveler in your life wants to unwrap. Trust us, we know travelers can be a difficult type to gift for. By nature, travelers are highly self-sufficient and have exactly what they need for their next trip.

Nonetheless, travelers are far from ungiftable.

No matter how light of a packer your traveler is, there are essentials (and some fun non-essentials) that would be a great addition to any on-the-go bag. If you still need to purchase a Christmas gift for your jet-setting friend, spouse, or sibling, keep reading to learn about the best gifts for travel.

Luggage is a Love Language

A good set of luggage is a globetrotter’s best friend (besides you, of course). On the open road, luggage protects everything a traveler owns. While this may not be your first thought for a unique gift, because surely any traveler has luggage they love, an avid flier likely puts their baggage through the ringer.

If your companion’s travel companion is on its last legs, make their holiday season with some of the best gift ideas for travelers:

The Carry-On Roller

Light-packing can be an extreme sport, but The Carry-On Roller by BÉIS makes it easy. With this high-end suitcase, travelers can avoid lost luggage and enjoy:

  • Durable hard sided 100% virgin PolyCarbonate
  • Smooth-rolling Hinomoto 360 wheels
  • Expandable interior by two inches
  • Side-carry handle with weight indicator
  • TSA locks
  • Water resistant zipper tape
  • Four point compression straps
  • Separate pouch set for dirty clothes, shoes, undergarments, damp clothing

Best of all, this best-in-class suitcase is backed by our limited lifetime luggage warranty, meaning you can give this Christmas gift with peace of mind.

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The 29" Large Check-In Roller

Packing light isn’t for everyone. If the traveler in your life is known to escape for long periods of time, a carry-on suitcase probably won’t cut it. For periods longer than a week, a large check-in roller is the way to go.

Our 29" Large Check-In Roller is a stylish offering that boasts a weight capacity of 99 pounds (kept in check by its side-mounted weight indicator) and a separate, built-in laundry bag. Ask a traveler about how difficult it is to keep clean and dirty clothes separate, and you’ll know you’ve found the perfect gift.

The Weekender

Suitcases aren’t everyone’s type of bag. If you’re gifting for more of a weekend warrior than a long-term traveler, a suitcase might not get much use. This is where The Weekender comes in.

Designed for weekend outings, this tote is designed to keep all of the weekend essentials and travel gear packed into a small yet organized package. While its exterior is sleek and understated, its interior packs:

  • Padded laptop sleeve pocket with Vegan leather velcro strap closure
  • 1 large zip pocket
  • 2 slip pockets

The Weekender is also the perfect travel gift for long-term travelers as an under-seat carry-on. Thanks to a zipper pocket on the back that becomes a trolley sleeve, it fits easily and securely over luggage handles.

The Expandable Duffle

Suitcases and totes are the usual suspects regarding air travel. That said, a duffle bag can add another level of versatility during road trips or weekend excursions. One of the most versatile duffles in the game is our new Expandable Duffle.

This duffle is the perfect addition to any traveler’s luggage rotation. Just a few of its ergonomic features include:

  • Zipper closure with vegan leather pull
  • Expandable body by 10cm
  • 2 slip pockets on sides
  • Metal feet
  • Removable shoulder or cross body strap with shoulder pad
  • Padded laptop pocket with vegan leather tab closure
  • Large zipper pocket

Even if your travel buddy is a suitcase-kind-of-person, you never know when they’ll need a duffle. Gift them this ultra-versatile duffle to be their star of the holiday season.

Give the Gift of Organization

When you’re living out of a bag, you’re actually living out of multiple bags. You can’t just throw all of your clothing, toiletries, and accessories into one compartment (unless you’ve been traveling for three weeks and are finally over it).

These accessories are the perfect gifts for travel lovers:

The On The Go Essential Case

If TSA hasn’t scolded you for not separating your cosmetics in a clear case, have you really traveled before? Our On The Go Essential Case is perfectly transparent for those nosy TSA agents and perfectly stylish for your traveling loved one.

Features include:

  • Faux leather construction
  • Double-sided cosmetic case to separate your take-off and touch-down needs
  • Single U-zip wide opening and closure for easy access to beauty essentials
  • Slip pocket with mini removable mirror

This case doesn’t just hold the travel essentials, it's an essential in and of itself.

The Hanging Shower Caddy

Nothing says life on the road quite like toiletries scattered across the bathroom. Just because you’re not at home, though, doesn’t mean you can’t keep organized. The Hanging Shower Caddy ensures that everything you need is right where you want it to be.

Folding into a small package, this mesh shower caddy expands to reveal comparents providing easy access to all of your shower needs.

The Hanging Shower Caddy also dries quickly, meaning you won’t have to pack your suitcase with wet toiletries.

The Passport & Luggage Tag Set

This package deal is the full-package for any kind of traveler, coming with:

  • A passport holder that protects your most important possession while doubling as a mini-wallet
  • A luggage tag to ward off any baggage-claim mishaps
  • A transparent TSA-ready case to hold any cosmetics.

The Passport & Luggage Tag Set is a must for all travelers; your travel buddy won’t stop thanking you for this great gift.

The Stroller Caddy

Looking for a unique travel gift for a mom who is consistently on-the-go? One of the top recommended Christmas gifts for new moms and seasoned moms alike, the Stroller Caddy is the perfect addition for any traveler turned parent. Conveniently strapping around the handle of a stroller, shopping cart, a plane’s seat back tray, this caddy includes:

  • 2 bottle pockets with elasticized opening
  • 2 large zip compartments
  • 1 zip pocket
  • 1 slip pocket
  • Adjustable removable shoulder strap for easy transport
  • Large, contractible mesh compartment for loose things
  • Compatible with The Diaper Bag

Kids shouldn’t swallow anyone’s travel dreams; after all, they’re just extra carry-ons, right? Keep your favorite mom sane and organized on the road with the perfect gift for women who travel.

The Expandable Cargo Backpack

Passports, hotel keys, phones, chargers, cash––travelers need to keep a host of items on their person at any given time. While purses and backpacks get the job done, they’re heavy, cumbersome, and, let’s be honest, disorganized.

We’re happy to introduce the Cargo Backpack––a must for travelers who like to keep their hands free and feet busy. This unique travel gift boasts:

  • Expandable zipper to change into a functional travel backpack
  • Removable webbing crossbody strap
  • Drawstring closure on back pack
  • Webbing backpack strap
  • 1 Zipper pocket in Pouch
  • Key lesh in pouch
  • Water bottle pocket with elastic closure in the transformed travel backpack

This is a modern, travel-ready take on the humble backpack. Don’t let your beloved road warrior settle for anything but the best.

Keep it Clean

Traveling doesn’t mean throwing your health out the window. When you’re on the road, it's important to keep your health ready for sightseeing and restaurant-hopping. Luckily, BÉIS offers a range of products to keep the traveler you love up for the task.

These products are the perfect stocking stuffer (or suitcase stuffer):

The Hot Mess Wipes

Don’t let social media fool you––travel is a giant hot mess interrupted by a few cute moments. Flights, buses, trains, and hotel rooms can be a hotbed for germs and bacteria. Keep your travel buddy’s health at bay with Hot Mess Wipes.

These antibacterial wipes are a godsend for dirty plane seats, crowded public transportation, and questionable hotels.

Hand Sanitizer

When you’re traveling, you never really know if your hands are clean. You can wash your hands all you want, but when is there ever a sink when you really need one? Our Hand Sanitizer comes in a travel-ready bottle, so you can rest assured the TSA won’t be snatching it for themselves.

Even better, our hand sanitizer is formulated with Vitamin E, keeping your hands both clean and moisturized. Additional benefits of Vitamin E include:1

  • Stopping skin cells from losing moisture
  • Protecting cells from damage
  • Softening the skin
  • Preventing swelling and reddening due to sun exposure

All of that in a hand sanitizer? Sign us up.

Show Your Love With BÉIS

BÉIS has a simple mission: To empower jet setters with affordable, stylish, and high-quality travel essentials. Our bags, luggage, and accessories are highly versatile, making them a go-to option for all kinds of travelers on all kinds of adventures.

If you’re looking for the perfect travel gift, look no further than BÉIS. The traveler in your life will be using their BÉIS product with a smile on their face for years to come, and they’ll have you to thank for it.


  1. "Vitamin E for Skin: What Does It Do?" Cleveland Clinic. 24 February, 2022.

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