Travel & Luggage Accessories

We’ve all got baggage, be glad it’s BÉIS.

When we think about travel essentials, we think about things like our bestselling Dopp Kit or our 5-star makeup case styles. 

Some people think of travel accessories as an add-on. We think of them as an essential part of any luggage collection, and we take designing these styles seriously for a reason (well, a few actually). For one, we always want to do what we can to make packing easier for you. Whether that means creating the perfect toiletries bag sized exactly to fit into your BÉIS Roller with a couple of packing cubes… or it means ensuring our on-the-go essentials cases have clear tops so you can always remember what you’ve got in your bag. Second... we know our makeup lovers care about keeping their products safe and secure (and we don’t blame you). No one wants to get to their destination and find all their products blended before they’ve even gotten on your face. That’s why we design bags with spill-proof compartments and wipeable interiors, so you can be prepared for anything while you’re on-the-go, and once you’re getting ready. 

But, we don’t just have accessories for your makeup. We’ve also created a wide variety of organization options like a jewelry case to keep your accessories from tangling, and all kinds of packing cubes (in our classic colors so you can match with your bag, of course). 

From the cutest pouches to sporty slings, our accessories collection is full of styles that make every day easier. Check them out and see for yourself!

KEY FUNCTIONS: Removable mirror, wipeable interior, zipper and slip pockets, separate bottom compartments, compression technology, and more. 


“A NEED. I bought one for my partner as soon as I received it. I love the separate compartment and how much these hold. Love that it matches my weekender and backpack!” - Trevor B.

“I am very specific when I pack. I like everything organized, and I don’t like any clothing to be loose. These cubes are the perfect solution when you need to keep your items nice and tidy, while conserving space at the same time. The sizes of these are well thought out. I will be buying more!” - Ashley 

“LOVE IT. Great size, beautiful color, excellent quality. Buy it if you're thinking about it - you won't regret it! I love mine.” - Caz S. 

“My wife has two and uses both for everything. Nice design, easy to clean and the mirror and brush flap is smartly designed.” - Justin