The Compression Packing Cubes 6 pc  in Maple

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Comes with 2 extra-large compression packing cubes and 4 small standard packing cubes.

We’ve gotten packing down to a science. You need a few packing cubes that compress (to maximize the number of socks, shirts, and soft items you can bring), plus a few that don’t (we know you’d rather not smash that chunky sweater you spent way too much money on). This set is designed to fit perfectly into your BÉIS bags so that you can maximize your space while minimizing the time you spend trying to make everything fit!

Note: This 6 Piece Set pairs well with our 26" and 29" Rollers.

Details & Specifications

6 Piece Set:
L 13 in x W 16 in x H 1 - 4.7 in (x2)
L 6 in x W 10 in x H 4.7 (x2)
L 8 in x W 10 in x H 4.7 (x2)

Body: 100% Polyester
Mesh: 100% polyester
Nylon Zipper
Care: Spot Clean
Weight : 1.2 LBS (6 piece set)

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