The Béis Pet Collection


Between your insatiable thirst for globetrotting and that of your enthusiastic, adventuring-sniffing air travel companion, you as a pet owner need travel accessories that keep up with your furry friend and you. Our dog carrier and pet travel bag collection is purposefully crafted with style, functionality, and pet-friendliness in mind so that you and your four-legged pal can take to the sky—or the open road or nearby park—in comfort and in pet carrier style.

​​When it comes to pet bags and carriers and essential pet accessories, your dog or cat carrier needs to be easy to use while including elements that provide ultimate comfort to your furry friend. Our pet collection carriers include soft sided carrier interiors in our Everyday Pet Tote to provide a luxurious ride to your small friend as well as plenty of compartment space in the Regulation Pet Carry-on to hold your own essentials and mesh sides to provide ventilation that is much needed in a dog travel bag.

Small & Large Leashes

With our sleek black leashes, available in both small and large sizes for smaller dogs and larger dogs, you can explore the world around you—near and far—without ever losing track of your roving pup. The detachable wallet is perfect for holding your phone, cards, and cash, and even your pup’s poop bags. It simply slips right over the end of the leash so that you can wander freely without losing track of your normal travel essentials.

Everyday Carry Pet Bag

The definition of an everyday accessory, this piece includes essential elements for local exploration. The Everyday Carry pet bag is small enough not to weigh you down while you run errands or shop for supplies for your next adventure but large enough for a small dog or cat to nestle comfortably inside. Available in both beige and black, this pet travel carrier features a plush interior that’ll keep your furry friend cozy and warm—not to mention stylish. Plus, you can make use of the soft-sided pet carrier’s exterior zippered pockets to store travel cargo. It can fit anything from a laptop to lipstick, plus treats and toys for your travel buddy.

Regulation Carry-On Pet Carrier

Jet, set, go! Whether you’re taking off on a weekend getaway with friends or traveling solo to a spot that sets your wandering soul ablaze, don’t leave for the airport without our Regulation Carry-On. If you love to bask in a little luxury whenever you’re on the go, chances are your small pet does, too. That’s why we’ve handcrafted a five-star hotel experience that’ll keep your four-legged friend comfortable from take-off to touch-down. This regulation-size carry-on bag features a mesh top and siding to allow for plenty of ventilation, as well as an extendable side pocket for first-class lounging and legroom. Slide it securely over the handle of your suitcase to keep your hands free while walking to your gate, or slip it over your shoulder whenever you want to hold your small dog or cat close. Plus, you can even wear this soft-sided carrier as a backpack to take your furry friend along on your more rigorous adventures, whether you’re trekking through Grand Teton or taking a stroll through the streets of Seville. Buy your pet travel carrier in beige to match the sandy beaches in Sicily or in black to evoke visions of espresso on a piazza in Venice—our simple colorways easily match any style.

Don’t let a lack of luggage keep you and your wayfaring fur baby from hitting the major airlines and seeing the beauty of the world. Our Pet Collection can keep up with any kind of travel itinerary, whether it’s a playdate with friends at the dog park or a sunny soiree in the Caribbean.