Make it Maple with Wabanaki Syrup

Make it Maple with Wabanaki Syrup

The story behind our sweet surprise

When we found out we were bringing Maple back, first of all, we were pumped because some of us are new to the team and didn’t get our hands on it the first time around (one of those someone’s might just be writing this blog).

But, really, we knew we had to make it special because Maple is one of our most requested colors — the comeback had to be extra sweet, and there was no better way to do that than with the OG inspiration for this drop: actual Maple syrup!

Now, our founder, Shay, is from Canada, so she takes her syrup very seriously — as she should. She came to us with the idea of adding real, Canadian maple syrup to a few of our orders from the launch, and our team got to work making it happen.

Not only are we delighted about a little added launch day goodness, we're beyond excited and honored that this sweet surprise came to life with Wabanaki, a Canadian-founded and 100% Indigenous female-owned company.

When we first connected with the Wabanaki team, the importance of these Canadian roots resonated with all of us. 

"Joining forces with BÉIS, which is also founded by an incredible Canadian woman, is a perfect fit,” Wabanaki’s marketing manager, Peter Davis, told us. “I must say, the Maple line of luggage from BÉIS is absolutely stunning, and the idea of our premium maple syrup being paired with it is a dream come true!” 

Wabanaki syrup is not only decadently delicious, but it’s also carefully crafted based on generations of practicing and perfecting. Truly, that’s why it’s so good: it’s barrel-aged and boiled, just like generations of the many Peoples of the Wabanaki Confederacy — the Wolastoqiyik, Mi'kmaq, Penobscot, Abenaki, and Passamaquoddy — have done for decades. Wabanaki is based on Neqotkuk (Tobique First Nation) and is a true ode to the history and culture of the land.

“We strive to share our Indigenous culture through our rich and memorable flavours of maple syrup and continue to give back to our Indigenous communities for the next seven generations,” Davis shared. 

When we think about Maple, we think about this rich history, about the way it’s been generously shared and weaved into cozy memories with our families, and we think about a deep and connective color that you all have loved so much. We’re so glad that Wabanaki Maple shared a part of their tradition with us, and that they’ve become a part of the BÉIS Maple story, too.

Ready to get in on this Maple sweetness? 450 randomly selected orders from our Maple Collection launching 9/27 will receive a custom BÉIS x Wabanaki Maple Syrup gift with purchase. You can also find out more about the Wabanaki tradition, here.

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