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How We Designed the BÉIS Office

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of our Los Angeles headquarters with CB2 

When you walk into our office, you’re greeted by warm wood tones, natural light, and the sign from our first-ever pop-up, the BÉIS Motel. 

Then, you start to notice other things. Playful velvet couches, cascading chain chandeliers, serene stone, and… suitcases (no surprise there). This was Shay’s vision from the start — a space as inviting as it is inspiring, and as eclectic as it is functional. 

With the help of CB2 and so many others (you know who you are), we were able to create an office that does it all. From conferences to coffee chats and photoshoots to our first-ever rodeo-themed holiday party (yes, we all rode a mechanical bull), BÉIS HQ is set to be a place where we can continue doing what we love: making our brand better for you every day!  

Ready for a behind-the-scenes look? Things like this don’t just happen overnight… here’s a peek at our process. 


Since this was going to be our first-ever office, we spent a lot of time considering what we wanted the space to be. What purpose was it serving? What did we want it to look like? How did we want to feel when we show up for a 9 AM meeting, and would there be room in the fridge for all of the Ondas our team needs? 

Let us paint a picture for you… when we first walked into the office, it was an old warehouse, and some of us *cough cough wink wink* were not totally sold. Shay, on the other hand, knew in an instant that this was the space — and she also knew right away that she wanted to work with CB2 to transform the potential she saw into a powerful place for the team to come together. 

Shay knew that CB2 would be the perfect partner for creating a truly stunning, unique, and lively space, and from start to finish, the team helped us bring our mood boards and sketches to life — we absolutely love how it turned out! 


Even before we had an office, BÉIS has been focused on creating a positive and communal work environment, so the most important thing here was creating a space that reflected that. We wanted it to be calming and tranquil, but also inspiring, unique, and inclusive. From new CB2 pieces to stunning plants from Plant Daddies to vintage decor, the space reminds us of the incredible possibilities of design, and also the amazing things that can happen when we all come together to imagine. 

Much like the process of designing our products, we took our time finding the perfect mix of style and function for the office. 

The space is a nod to the creativity and playfulness that is BÉIS, but it’s also an ode to function. We made this happen with whimsical light fixtures and versatile seating; you see it in the way our checkered, burl wood conference tables are paired with hotel luggage carts at the ends; it even shows up in the little details (like the nods to our classic colors, Beige, Atlas Pink, Maple, and Olive, throughout). 

It was a process of editing and evolving — figuring out what worked together, deciding what felt energizing in the space, evaluating which couches were the comfiest for a midday lounge moment… and seeing what kind of cabinetry allowed us to fit all of our many, many, *many* samples (because who knew we’d been hiding so many color tests in storage all these years!). 


Walking into the space today, it still blows our mind that what started as rough floor plan sketches has turned into our dream office thanks to CB2. 

We didn’t think it could get much better… but then Shay brought in her long-time friend interior designer Chad Wood to help put a finishing touch on everything, and Plant Daddies and Berbere Imports helped us channel Shay’s Canadian roots by bringing the outdoors in with gorgeous plants that we like to think of as living art. 

We tried out so many different pieces, we arranged and re-arranged (turns out desks can be configured in a myriad of ways), and we even got custom-built shelves designed by Benjamin Goodman of Fort Building to perfectly fit our rollers. Like with everything at BÉIS, the whole project has been a true labor of love. 

This sentiment is shown the most in one of our favorite spots in the building: the dining table outside of Shay’s loft office. From the earliest days of BÉIS up until last month, our design team has done everything from brainstorming sessions to product pitches from the dining table at Shay’s house. The conversations at that table have gotten us to where we are today, so we wanted to capture the true spirit of our team by bringing in a large CB2 dining table where we can continue working with the same sentiment. We love the way that all of the individuals that make up BÉIS can come together in a space and create something so special.  


When we design our bags, we’re always thinking about what we can add to make home feel like it’s wherever you are at that moment. For our office, we wanted to do that same thing. Welcome to our new home BÉIS! 


We want to extend our gratitude to the entire CB2 team, Benjamin Goodman and Fort Building, Plant Daddies, Berbere Imports, Pink Sparrow, Valentin Tapia, and Chad Wood.

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