Brown weekender bag with a towel hanging out of the bag sitting next to a brown dopp kit

Our Guide to the Best Bags for International Travel

International travel is no small feat. And packing for a trip abroad? Honestly, it should probably be an Olympic Sport in our books. We’re the kind of people who would spend about as long researching the most efficient packing options as we spend planning an itinerary for once we reach our destination. Lucky for you… we’ve done all that background work for you and compiled our findings not only into the ultimate pieces for travel, but also the simplest guide to getting where you’re going. Let us save you a few hours and take the guesswork out of long trips with this list of top-rated bags to bring on your next international trip.


Our go-to bag (and yours too, according to the reviews) is a classic Weekend bag — upgraded with unique functions, of course. We love this size bag as the perfect addition to a Roller so you can keep all of your essentials with you on the plane. Thanks to the trolley pass-through, it slides easily onto your suitcase handle so you have an extra hand (or so you can sprint through the airport with ease for that daunting slightly-too-short connection). Especially if you’ll be hopping on trains between countries once you’re there, this bag is a great elevated yet compact option and with the separate bottom shoe compartment, it’s the perfect overnight bag for little excursions. Want to feel confident in your packing plan? Go for our 5-star Weekender, you won’t regret it.


Having a smart travel tote is both a game-changer and a lifesaver when traveling abroad. We’ve got a wide variety, but we especially love The East to West Tote for its sleek exterior and organized interior. It has additional pockets for your phone and other smaller items, a padded sleeve for your laptop, and it’s even got adjustable and removable straps for easy multi-wear. The best part? It’s totally versatile so you can use it for your international trip, but you’ll love it just as much as an everyday essential when you’re back.

Green travel backpack on top of a green suitcase


The perfect travel backpack should have 3 things as a basis: comfortable straps, a sturdy structure, and easy organization features. Check. Check. And definitely check. Our classic backpack styles are great for business travel or perfect as a personal item that slides right under a plane or train seat. Plus, this style unzips fully like a suitcase so you can pack it completely full and then carry it with ease when you’re walking around a new city. 

Brown crossbody sling on top of a pickle ball paddle next to a whiffle ball


The small addition we can’t live without? A crossbody sling. Now, our parents have been traveling with fanny packs for ages and we think they were really onto something (we just wanted to give their OG belt bags a slight revamp with modern details like a zipper section for your phone, a built-in credit card pocket, and a micro-fiber lined area for your sunglasses). This is the perfect add-on that fits right into whatever bag you bring and is one of those things that you’ll look back on and think “wow, I’m honestly so glad I brought that”. Plus… it’s totally perfect for that bike tour you felt obliged to booked…

We could go on forever about the best ways to prep for an international trip (don’t even get us started on compression packing cubes or how we sort all of our toiletries…), but that’s for another day. For now, you came to us looking for advice on what to take on your next vacation abroad and we think you’re off to a great start with the selection listed above. Ready to explore for yourself? Check out our travel bags collection to find the perfect bag for you!

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