9 Christmas Gifts For New Moms

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For New Moms

While it’s easy to get caught up buying mountains of adorable gifts for a new baby, don’t forget to treat mom like the hero she is this holiday season. After all, she’ll actually use the mom gift — not just put it in her mouth.

The perfect gift can mean anything from stylish on-the-go essentials to helpful organizers. Show how much you care with the best Christmas gifts for new moms they’ll want to take everywhere.

5 Christmas Gift Ideas For New Moms

There are so many things to think about when navigating new motherhood, but staying organized doesn’t need to be one of them. If you’re looking for the best Christmas gift for a new mom, BÉIS has stylish storage solutions that will make parents in your life light up with joy.

#1 Diaper Bags And Backpacks

Every new parent knows that a diaper bag is a definite must-have for navigating life with a newborn. Say goodbye to gaudy patterns and bulky bags — from pouches and pockets to straps and sleeves, these modern diaper bag updates will be her go-to essential for all of her baby’s needs and more.

  • Diaper BagThe Diaper Bag holds everything she needs to succeed as a new mom on the go. She’ll feel like Mary Poppins with this bag that takes everything from wipes to wet diapers effortlessly from point A to point B and back.
  • Diaper Backpack – For an option that leaves hands free for baby-wrangling, The Backpack Diaper Bag is highly functional. Not only that… the design is so chic, she honestly might want to keep using it even long after the days of diapering are gone.
  • Ultimate Diaper Backpack – If you want to gift mom the swiss army knife of diaper bags, look no further than The Ultimate Diaper Backpack. With tons of pockets, cupholders, magnetic closures, and a removable fanny pack, this bag is everything she didn’t even know she needed and more. It even makes for one of the best gifts for travel in general.

#2 Organizing Essentials

Some new moms prefer to tote baby essentials in their purses rather than carry a separate baby-centric bag. She’ll love these portable inserts that can easily slide from one bag to the next while holding everything her baby needs to be out and about.

  • The Essentials Case – With space for everything from sunglasses to hand sanitizer, The On The Go Essentials Case is the ultimate storage essential for new moms on the go and can easily swap from one bag to the next without a full repack.
  • Mesh Pouches – This Mesh Pouch Trio is the perfect versatile option with a size to bring a bit of everything, including bottles and wipes, in whatever bag, backpack, or tote she chooses to carry.

#3 The Most Adorable Diaper Pack

Sometimes you just need to slip out for a quick sec to grab something at the store or pop over to your best friend’s place for a baby play date. A compact diaper pack that holds just the right amount of necessities for mom and baby is one of the most perfect gifts for new moms over the holidays.

Compact cuties like The Diaper Pack are perfect must-haves for all new moms — and even dads will love how nondescript these pouches are for quick on-the-go adventures.

#4 Weekender Bag

With all the focus on fabulous baby-centric bags, don’t forget that mom needs something for her, too. A gorgeous weekend bag will be just the thing to make mom feel special, and she can even slip one of the portable totes in for all the extras during her first postpartum overnight getaway.

  • Weekender BagThe Weekender is our original bag design and it's so functional she can even use it as a hospital bag pre-baby. The sleek design hides room for all the necessities for an overnight or road trip.

#5 Gift Certificates

With so many choices, it might be tough to narrow down the best Christmas gifts for a new mom. If you’re unsure whether she prefers basic black, navy, or beige, or whether she needs a diaper pack or ultimate diaper bag, treat her to a BÉIS gift card and let her choose something she’ll love.

If you want to make your BÉIS gift even more personal, turn the bag into a gift basket and slip some gift cards or gift certificates into the many pouches and pockets. In addition to a BÉIS gift card, add a gift card to her favorite coffee shop and a portable coffee mug, or a meal service like Blue Apron and her favorite teas.

Treat the New Mom in Your Life to BÉIS This Holiday Season

Here at BÉIS, we’re no strangers to the chaos and hustle that comes with new motherhood. That’s why we designed our BÉIS Baby Collection to cover all the storage necessities and everyday essentials to make mom’s life easier without sacrificing her stellar sense of style.

When it comes to Christmas gifts for new moms, functional and fashionable items that will keep her organized are the best way to give her presents that she’ll use and love.

We don’t just do baby basics, though — from backpacks and roller bags to totes, carry-ons, and luggage, we have travel must-haves for the whole family. Check out our newest arrivals and find the perfect holiday gifts for all the luggage lovers on your list.

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