Shay + Indy's Guide To The Ultimate Airport Fit

Shay + Indy's Guide To The Ultimate Airport Fit

Brought to you by BÉIS + Lonely Ghost <3

Look, our ideal airport outfit is 100% a comfy sweatsuit. That’s why we teamed up with the icons of the statement sweatshirt, Lonely Ghost, to make what we like to consider the *perfect* travel outfit. Hey, we totally get that everyone will have their own view on this — that’s the whole vision behind the collab: luggage and apparel that speaks to the small things in life that are nearly universal. For the person who totally agrees it’s comfort over everything when you hop on that flight… to the ones who manage to pull together a cohesive look, we think this collection has something for everyone.

Need a little airport fit inspo? Check out 3 ways we’d style the new BÉIS x Lonely Ghost Collection for travel… or just for everyday (yeah, it’s that good).


This is a classic. A go-to. The easiest way to be that one person at the terminal who looks so comfortable and yet so coordinated at the same time. We’ve crafted the perfect grey sweatsuit that’s simple, soft, and sprinkled with special details. Spice it up a little with our red and cream “Smile High Club” hat that perfectly matches back to your glossy red Roller and you’re set. We love that this combo takes at least a little of the stress out of travel (it’s easy, functional, and makes you feel good).


There’s just nothing like a bright red sweatsuit. We love this look for your next road trip or weekend away — it’s a timeless red tone and it’s extra bright so your friends can’t lose track of you if you’re the one who always seems to wander off at the gas station rest stop. This is also the perfect fit + bag combo for if you’re going over to *someone’s* to watch a movie for the first time and want to look put together… but also totally effortless (although… we really don’t have anything against looking like you tried!). Take our new Travel Tote so you can fit everything you need (it’s so spacious and even has organized pockets for your laptop and water bottle) and add a matching Dopp Kit to carry all of your essentials. It’s the ultimate confidence boost and every time you use these styles, you know you have the Shay and Indy stamp of approval… and the whole Smile High Club behind you:) <3 


Ok, yeah, yeah… we know there’s about a million “vibe” trends going on right now and — trust us — we can’t keep up either. One thing that will never go out of style? Owning your loneliness. Channel what we’re calling “Smile High chic” by pairing a LONÉLY AIR baby tee with your favorite denim or cargo pant, adding a matching crewneck with our graphic “Life in the Clouds” print, and finishing off the look with a piece of glossy red luggage covered in our graphic collab stickers (these look SO SICK on — we promise). Extra credit: throw on the matching red Belt Bag for the perfect on-the-go accessory so you can go hands-free wherever you’re headed.

READY TO EXPERIENCE LIFE IN THE CLOUDS? Check out the limited-edition BÉIS x Lonely Ghost Collection while it’s here!

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