10 Best Girls Trip Destinations Across America

10 Best Girls Trip Destinations Across America

This content was updated for accuracy and relevance on December 22nd, 2021

When was the last time you spent some quality time with your girl gang? Whether you’re living across the country or right down the street from each other, your daily hustle and bustle can sometimes make it difficult to nourish your friendships. But every moment you make for each other provides a much-needed break from the daily grind—along with inspiration to dedicate more time to self-care. Before you get your travel luggage, you have to decide where you're headed!

Since girls trips may only come around once in a while, it’s important to find the perfect destination for reminiscing over old memories and making new ones. And for the best girls trip ideas, you’ve come to the right place. 

In fact, we’re calling all ladies as we’ve compiled a list of the ten best girls trip destinations with packing tips included, to give you a few ideas for your next adventure with your besties!

#1 Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia

At the top of our girls weekend ideas list? The gem of the South of course! Where else can you find a thriving arts scene, delicious Southern cuisine, and gorgeous beaches? Savannah, Georgia provides the perfect mixture of small city culture and gorgeous beachfront with so many fun things to do.

A few of our favorite activities include:

  • A decadent dinner at Elizabeth’s on 37th
  • Day trips to Tybee Island
  • A visit to the historic home of Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the girl scouts

What to Pack For Your Weekend Trip

If you’re traveling during beach season, stock your luggage set with lightweight dresses so that you can stay cool in the summer heat! Get in on some stylish travel essentials before you pack up.

#2 New York’s Hudson Valley

New York’s Hudson Valley

If you’re craving a Broadway show and a relaxing trip into nature, enjoy the best of both worlds by setting up camp in the Hudson River Valley.

The following towns and cities are within two hours of Manhattan. They also offer great proximity to swimming holes, farm-to-table restaurants, gorgeous hikes through the Catskill mountains, and more:

  • Hudson
  • Beacon
  • Kingston
  • Woodstock
  • High Falls
  • Saugerties

Choose one perfect spot, rent a car, and prepare to spend your long weekend driving between breweries, farms, and lakes. Spend one day on a trip into the city, or immerse yourself in natural wonders for the duration of the trip!

What to Pack For Your Weekend Trip

Road trip essentials: The Catskills can get chilly at night, even in early summer. Be sure to pack plenty of layers so you’re prepared for potentially cooler evenings.

#3 Key West, Florida

Key West, Florida

Miami is a go-to destination for a bachelorette party and summer revelry, but Key West is an ideal spot for a chill beach weekend. Writers from Ernest Hemingway to Judy Blume found inspiration in its gorgeous landscape and architecture, and we know that you, along with your girl gang, will enjoy it too!

Keep busy with the following activities: 

  • Try snorkeling around gorgeous coral reefs
  • Go shopping on Duval St.
  • Spend a day on a boat tour

What to Pack For Your Weekend Trip

Besides your swimsuit, make sure your makeup bags are packed with plenty of sunscreen for your face and body! Don't forget to learn how to pack toiletries and makeup before you head out.

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#4 Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas

Austin has a little of everything. Known for its live music scene, this bustling small city also has some of the most unique cuisine out there, including:

  • Famous barbecue
  • Southern soul food 
  • Amazing, authentic Mexican cuisine
  • Outstanding Japanese bites 

Spend your day snacking, then spend your girls night enjoying live music at one of Austin’s many bars. 

What to Pack For Your Weekend Trip

A travel tip: bring a BÈIS mini-crossbody bag so that you can be hands-free throughout the day.

#5 Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Portland is known for its towering forests, quirky culture, and breweries. You can spend your days immersed in natural wonder and your nights enjoying craft beers—including those infused with legal weed! 

Some of our favorite spots and activities include:

  • Multnomah Falls
  • Wine tasting in Willamette Valley
  • The Columbia River Gorge
  • Snacking on Portland’s famous donuts
  • The Portland Japanese Gardens

Rent a car so you can get out of the city, or make your way around by bicycle!

What to Pack For Your Weekend Trip

Bring athletic pants and shoes so that you can fully explore the city’s array of cycling, hiking, and climbing options.

#6 California Wine Country

California Wine Country

California wine country is just about unparalleled when it comes to natural beauty, year-round perfect weather, and plenty of fun activities for a gaggle of ladies looking to cut loose.

Plan the perfect girls getaway with the following tips:

  • Napa Valley and Sonoma are popular destinations, but if you and your friends love spa treatments and a small town feel, consider Calistoga. Likewise, Healdsburg is a fantastic destination with plenty of bars and restaurants and great happy hour options.
  • When in wine country, do as the locals do—hire a professional to drive you to the best vineyards in the area. That way, you don’t have to take turns being the designated driver!
  • Visit the Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve to take in some fresh air and see some of the oldest trees in the country. 
  • Take in the breathtaking views of the most gorgeous vineyards with a horseback riding tour of Jack London Estate. 

What to Pack For Your Weekend Trip

When you’re in wine country, you’ll need a stylish, yet functional beige tote so that you can pick up a bottle or two as a souvenir from your weekend getaway!

#7 Sedona, Arizona 

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona’s scenic vistas are amongst the most stunning in the country. Bike, drive, or take a hot air balloon ride to visit natural wonders, including the Grand Canyon, which is only two hours away.

Staying local? Sedona is also known for the following:

  • New age culture – Are you and your friends into crystals, Reiki, and energy healing? Or are you interested in seeing a psychic for the first time to see what all the fuss is about? Sedona is chocked-full of new age stores and alternative practitioners.
  • Spas – Enjoy some of the country’s most beautiful spas, where you’ll find traditional mud wraps, saunas, and facials alongside alternative therapies.
  • Art scene – There are galleries throughout the city showing off work by local artists and artisans. Your group can purchase matching hand-crafted jewelry to help you remember the road trip for years to come. 

What to Pack For Your Weekend Trip

Be sure you have a camera on-hand to capture the natural beauty of this desert landscape (and to take a few group pictures, of course)!

#8 Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is an elegant port city that combines the best of Southern dining with easy accessibility to beaches and luxury shopping. It’s the perfect place for a girls weekend getaway filled with Southern decadence!

Be sure to:

  • Eat a southern breakfast of shrimp & grits with your cocktail of choice
  • Check out the Tavern at Rainbow Row, the oldest liquor store in the country 
  • Shop from upscale boutiques and vintage stores on King Street
  • Take a break from eating to try out surfing at Folly Beach

What to Pack For Your Weekend Trip

You’ve got to try oysters on the half-shell, chicken-fried steak, and a dozen other Southern specialties. That means you’ll need a pair of elastic waist pants.

Also don’t forget your beach bag - Charleston has access to several beautiful South Carolina beaches to check out for a day trip.

#9 Sun Valley, Idaho

Sun Valley, Idaho

Want to spend some time really getting away from it all? Relatively off the beaten track, Sun Valley, Idaho features some of the only hot springs in the country, along with a world of breathtaking views and natural wonders. 

Sun Valley has attractions for all seasons, including:

  • Frenchman’s Bend hot springs  – In autumn, there’s nothing like dipping into a pool of naturally heated fresh water at the end of a day hiking and playing outdoors.
  • Skiing and snowboarding – If your friends group boasts a few snow bunnies, you’ll enjoy the pristine slopes during this outdoor adventure!
  • Mountain lakes – If you plan your trip during the balmy Idaho summer, cool off in icy mountain lakes and streams. 

When you’re back at home base, you’ll find plenty of delicious food at restaurants, bars, as well as spas in this resort town.

What to Pack For Your Weekend Trip

If you’re spending time in Sun Valley, you’re more likely than not to do something active! Bring a muscle balm to give yourself a little extra TLC on top of any spa treatment you book.

#10 Salem & North Shore, Massachusetts

Salem & North Shore, Massachusetts

Although Salem is known for its history as the home of America’s witch trials, it’s also an oceanfront city on the North Shore of Cape Cod. That means it’s the perfect spot to summon your inner mystic and catch some waves, making it one of the best girls trip destinations imaginable.

We suggest the following:

  • Tour the Salem Witch Museum and learn more about the city’s history. Don’t stop at the gift shop, though—there are countless witch stores throughout the city where modern women sell their homemade witchy wares!
  • Get a psychic reading or buy your own deck of tarot cards to play with all weekend long. Crow Haven is the oldest witch shop in Salem. We also enjoy HausWitch’s modern approach to magic. 
  • Enjoy the beach during the peak months of July and August. While Dead Horse Beach has an ominous name, that’s all in keeping with the locale’s unique history! You could also check out Winter Island.

Beyond summer adventures, it goes without saying that Salem is the perfect place to spend Halloween.

What to Pack For Your Weekend Trip

If you choose Salem for your next girls trip destination, be sure to bring a jacket. Massachusetts starts to get chilly as early as August!

The Best Girls Trips Start with Your Best Girls

picnic blanket with food and flowers

Whether you’re planning for a girls weekend getaway or a more extended besties-only vacation, it’s not about where you’re going, but who you’re with. So long as you’re with the most important women in your life, it doesn’t matter if you’re vineyard hopping in California or telling spooky stories in front of your Airbnb’s fireplace in Massachusetts—adventure, good times, and amazing memories will be sure to follow.

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After all, it’s hard to get in the mood for a relaxing long weekend when you’re taping your suitcase shut and troubleshooting bum wheels on the way to the airport!

Our #1 travel tip: Get your life organized with our functional, fashionable and affordable luggage so you can relax with your besties—and return home with your souvenirs safely in tow, too. 

If you're looking for more girls weekend ideas here are other top destinations in North America to consider:

  • California: San Diego, Palm Springs, Laguna Beach, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Santa Barbara
  • Mexico: Mexico City, Tulum or Cabo San Lucas
  • Nevada: Las Vegas 
  • Florida: West Palm Beach, South Beach, Florida Keys, St. Augustine or Fort Lauderdale
  • Louisiana: New Orleans 
  • Puerto Rico: San Juan
  • South Carolina: Myrtle Beach
  • New Mexico: Santa Fe


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