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    The Backpack Diaper Bag in Grey

    The backpack diaper bag in Grey

    The Diaper Bag in Grey

    The diaper bag in Grey

    The Weekender in Grey The Weekender in Grey

    The weekender in Grey

    The Convertible Mini Weekender in Grey The Convertible Mini Weekender in Grey

    The convertible mini weekender in Grey

    The Carry-On Roller in Grey The Carry-On Roller in Grey

    The carry-on roller in Grey

    The 26 The 26

    The 26" check-in roller in Grey

    The 29 The 29

    The 29" large check-in roller in Grey



    Sleek. Stylish. Simple.

    Meet your new travel partner: the Grey Line Collection. Like a meticulously thought-out vacation itinerary, every detail is considered and functional. With features like detachable bottom compartments, optional expansion, and extra pockets, you’re never low on space for storing all your trip necessities, from your favorite strappy sandals to those must-have travel documents. All the while, your grey luggage will never feel too bulky, despite how much you can fit inside. It’s all about balance, and the Grey Line Collection has perfected the act.

    Come in Three Distinct Colors

    Between transportation, accommodations, and experiences, traveling can get pricey. But a beautiful and functional hand luggage and suitcase doesn’t have to break the bank. The Grey Line Collection offers affordable prices without skimping on aesthetics or functionality. Any seasoned traveler knows that broadening your horizons and collecting a wealth of exciting experiences is more than worthwhile. And having the right travel bag slung over your shoulder or rolling behind you may just be one of the most valuable things there is. 

    Not hopping on any far-flung flights any time soon? No need to miss out. These pieces work just as well for daily commuters as they do for globetrotters and if you are still not sold, we offer an array of other types of bags such as: gym bags, carry on tote bags, reusable tote bags, backpacks, and more. Naturally, you move through the world regardless of how long your journeys take, and you deserve to do so with style and ease.

    Mini Weekender

    Want something to streamline and simplify the trek between your workout and your workday? The Mini Weekender has your back—downsized for easy carry, but with plenty of space to store your gym clothes and your work accessories such as your laptop.

    Large Check-In Roller

    Looking for a sturdy, steadfast companion to stay by your side throughout a weeks-long, jam-packed vacation? Check out the Large Check-In Roller and match it perfectly with our passport holders. At 29 inches tall, this large suitcase offers you enough space for all the outfit changes and glamorous accessories your trip demands—plus the emergency After Bite, Aloe Vera, and Pepto Bismol that accompanies every trip, because you learned your lesson last time. 
    There’s no need to choose between your comfy jogger shoes for your daily explorations and your stunning stilettos for formal nights out on the town. The Grey Line Collection is all about getting you where you need to go with everything you need in tow, no matter what you’re doing at your destination.