The 20 Best Travel Apps For Your Next Trip

The 20 Best Travel Apps For Your Next Trip

If you’re like us, you’re itching to go on your next trip as soon as the one you’re on is over. And these days, it’s all about using helpful travel apps. It’s like giving yourself the ultimate travel gift when using these apps. Not only can they help with the trip planning process, but they can also assist you while taking on the open road. Apps can make travel hassle-free and breezy. However, there are so many on the market to sort through, so how can you know which one is the best for you? Well, we can help. Now, we’re giving you the 20 best travel apps for iPhone and Android to have in your arsenal. 


1. Trail Wallet

Trail Wallet is an app that allows you to keep track of your spending no matter where you are. This app is especially useful for travelers and those who spend a lot of time outdoors. It allows users to set budgets, create expense reports, and search for cheap hotels (and then compare prices). If you're looking for something that can help reduce the cost of your trip, Trail Wallet should be a top choice.

How does it work?

In order to use Trail Wallet, all you need is a smartphone with internet access and one dollar in your account. Once this has been accomplished, open the app on your phone and follow the instructions provided by its user guide:

  • Create an account by entering some basic information at this point such as name (or nickname), email address or username/password combination;

  • When prompted onscreen after signing up for new service scroll down until reaching section titled "Create New Budget" - here type in amount desired per day spending limit; 3) After doing so hit 'Save' button located next line down from text box above which reads "Edit budgets." 4) Upon saving changes made above go back into previous menu option named 'Budget Settings' where three options appear below heading "Manage Budgets". These include Add Budget Item (which allows adding individual items), Edit Budget Item (which lets changing previously assigned value), Delete Budget Item(s).

2. Priority Pass

Priority Pass is a great travel app. It will get you into airport lounges for free, and sometimes you can even skip the line. Priority Pass is an app that gives you access to over 1,200 airport lounges around the world. You don't need to be flying on a certain airline or have status with them; it just works with any airline ticket (even if it's an online booking through Expedia). The app is available in both iOS and Android versions and costs $99 a year—which comes out to less than $9 per month!

3. XE Currency

  • XE Currency (free)

  • Convert currency without a data connection, and get the latest rates from as soon as you do have one. The app can even be used offline to quickly check exchange rates on the fly.

4. Packing Pro

Packing Pro is a great app for making sure you have all the essentials, and it helps you avoid overpacking. It can be used on a single trip or multiple trips, for different people and destinations, and for different occasions. This is one of our favorite apps because it’s so versatile!

5. Culture Trip

Culture Trip is a travel app that helps you discover the best places to visit in any city. It recommends restaurants, bars and activities to help you discover hidden gems. You can save your favorite places or share them with friends.

6. Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight is the perfect app for booking last-minute hotel deals. The app's powerful search tool lets you find hotels in your area, in other cities, and even on other continents. With Hotel Tonight, you can get a room at a great rate—and sometimes even a free breakfast!

If you're looking for something specific when it comes to hotels (like ghosts or swimming pools) then we recommend using another app that we've already talked about in this article: Hotels2Book. It's not as good as Hotel Tonight though because there aren't nearly as many available deals or locations; although if you ever find yourself staying at one of these places during your travels then please let us know how it was!

7. Cheap Flights - Flight Search and Travel Deals

  • Flight Search

  • Airfare Deals

  • Flight Status

  • Flight Alerts

  • Flight Booking, Cancellation and Delay Compensation, Airport Information and Parking, Airline Lounge Access and Frequent Flyer Programs

8. Google Translate

While you can't count on it to translate every language, Google Translate is a great way to get started. It's incredibly simple to use: just type or speak the word or phrase you want translated into the search bar and hit enter. You'll see an English translation in real time! The app also has a camera feature that lets you point your phone at text written in another language—it translates this text into English for you, making it ideal for travelers who need help deciphering menus and signs.

You may not be able to communicate with people using Google Translate alone (a pet translator would be nice!), but it's still useful for when you travel abroad without knowing how to read the local language, or when communication with others is limited by language barriers (like if someone doesn't speak English well).

9. Lonely Planet Guides (TripAdvisor)

Lonely Planet Guides (TripAdvisor)

Lonely Planet Guides is the world's leading travel guide publisher and the largest independent digital travel company, operating a network of websites, mobile and tablet apps.

10. Roadtrippers - Trip Planner & GPS Navigation for RV, Car, Camping & Road Trip.

Roadtrippers is a trip planner and GPS navigation app for RV, car, camping and road trips. It's one of the best apps out there because it can help you find places to stay and things to do.

11. Google Maps

Google Maps is a free mobile app that helps you navigate your world with Google Maps.

  • Get real-time traffic updates to avoid delays on your route

  • Save time and money by comparing travel times, ETAs, and fares across all modes of transportation

  • Explore popular destinations in curated lists like "Best Places To Visit" and "Hidden Treasures"

To get started with the Google Maps app:

  • Download it from either the App Store or Google Play

  • Open it up once it's installed.

12. TripIt - Travel Organizer

There are travel organizers and then there are travel organizers. This one’s the latter.

TripIt (free) organizes all your plans into one spot, so you can see at a glance what you have going on and when you need to be somewhere. It’s like Google Calendar but for travel, which means it has all the features of a calendar app but also keeps track of all your flight information, hotel reservations, car rentals, upcoming events (and their locations), weather forecast for where you’re going, maps—the list goes on.

It also sends notifications to your phone when something changes (like if your flight schedule gets switched around). The best part is that it works offline too—so even if there's no signal in rural Australia or remote Africa or wherever else you might find yourself with no signal at all, TripIt will still store everything until reception resumes so nothing slips through the cracks.

13. PackPoint - Packing List Planner

The best thing about PackPoint is that it organizes your packing list and can help you plan for any weather conditions. You can add items to a list, share that list with friends and family, and even plan for multiple layovers. The app will tell you if an item is allowed in a carry-on bag or checked luggage so that you don't have to worry about paying extra fees at the airport or having your bag taken away from you.

14. TravelAdvisor Offline City Guides & Maps

TravelAdvisor Offline City Guides & Maps

Download the app, and you can access maps, city guides and more. The best part? You don't need internet to use it! Just go to Settings and select "Offline Data." There are over 200 cities included in this free app, which means your chances of finding a place to stay or eat while abroad are much higher than if you're relying on Google Maps alone.

If you're looking for somewhere specific like the nearest coffee shop or restaurant and want to check out reviews from other people who've been there before (or maybe even see how long their line was!), then this is an amazing travel app for that too.

15. Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

Waze is a free navigation app that also offers live traffic updates and alerts for police, accidents and more. You can share your ETA with friends and family. It’s safe to say that Waze has become a staple in the world of navigation apps, especially when it comes to finding alternate routes around traffic congestion or construction projects.

Another feature of Waze that makes it worth downloading is its ability to alert you about hazards along your route such as red-light cameras or speed traps (the latter only available in certain countries). While this may seem like an invasion of privacy at first glance, there are settings where you can decide whether or not to share your location with others—and if you choose yes, then only authorized contacts will be able to see exactly where you are on a map at any given time. Another added bonus: If someone else needs help along their way somewhere but doesn't have access to internet service yet (or doesn't want anyone knowing), they can send out an SOS message through Waze which will generate an alert within miles around them so other users nearby can assist by offering rideshare services or even just helping out directly by calling 911 immediately after receiving notification via text message!

16. XE Currency Converter & Live Rates+

XE Currency Converter and Live Rates+ is a great app for travelers who need to convert foreign currencies or check the exchange rate. This app has been downloaded more than 100 million times, and it offers a wealth of features that make it an essential travel app.

XE Currency Converter and Live Rates+ lets you convert from one currency to another with ease. You can also check the current exchange rate on your phone whenever you want. This is useful if you’re traveling abroad and want to know how much money you have in your pocket at any given moment (or how much change will come back after buying something). The historical rates are also displayed, so that you can see how far or little each currency has changed over time.

The app also allows users to check interest rates and stock prices around the world in multiple languages—a feature that makes this app particularly useful for those who work with these types of financial instruments regularly (and even more so if they want to keep track of their investments while they’re out of their home country).

17. Google Trips – Personalized Travel Plans & Recommendations

The Google Trips app is a travel planner in your pocket. It helps you plan your trips, log your travel info, and share it with others.

The Google Trips app allows you to:

  • Create personalized itineraries by adding the places you want to visit and the things you'd like to see.

  • Get recommendations based on previous activities or destinations that are similar to yours.

  • Attach photos from trips past and present for inspiration when planning future adventures.

  • Share trip plans via email or text message so that friends can add their input too!

18. Yelp! - Local Food & Services on the App Store

Yelp! is a great app to use when you're traveling. Yelp helps you find local restaurants, shops, and services from the people who live there.

Yelp has been around since 2004 and has more than 90 million reviews of businesses worldwide. The app allows you to search for businesses by location or type of business (food, shopping, etc.) You can even filter your search based on user ratings as well as price range. Plus, if you have friends' recommendations saved in your contacts list or if they've shared photos with you through their Yelp profiles then those will appear when searching for businesses in the area where they live.

Yelp has apps for both iOS and Android devices so it's really easy to access this information when traveling abroad!

19. Skyscanner Flights, Hotels & Car Rental on the App Store

The best travel app on the market is Skyscanner Flights, Hotels & Car Rental. This app allows you to compare prices and find deals on flights, hotels, and car rentals. Skyscanner has partnered with a number of airlines in order to provide the most accurate information for their users.

With this app, travelers can search for flights by destination or departure date to find the best price for their trip. This app is available for iOS devices as well as Android phones and tablets through Google Play. Travelers who are looking for an easy way to plan their next trip should download this handy little tool today!

20. Culture Trip | The App That Inspires You to Explore the World Around You (iOS / Android)

If you're looking for inspiration to travel, this is the app for you. Culture Trip has over 1 million places from around the world that you can visit and explore. You'll find information about the best restaurants, bars, hotels and places to visit (with stunning photos). You can also search by location so if there is somewhere specific that you want to go then this app will help you find it quickly! This means that no matter where in the world your next trip takes you, Culture Trip will be able to help inspire an amazing experience during your stay.

With access to a wide variety of travel information at one place through their website and mobile apps - Culture Trip provides everything needed prior or during travels abroad such as: airport guides; city guides; walking tours; food & drink recommendations; reviews from locals regarding shopping malls etc., making them a real asset when planning any journey overseas!

Travel with BÈIS

If you’re looking to travel, there are a lot of apps that can help make your trip easier. You don’t have to be an expert traveler to use these apps—they’re designed for anyone who wants an easy way to plan their next vacation or weekend getaway. We hope our list has helped you find something that will work for your next trip!


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