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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Fitness Lovers

When it comes to holiday shopping, finding that perfect gift for the fitness lovers in your life that complements their lifestyle and sense of style shouldn’t make you sweat. After all, a fitness-focused lifestyle requires a lot of gear—think new gym shoes, cute workout clothes, and (of course) bags to carry all their equipment.

That’s right, no more sprinting 100-meter dashes down every aisle. With this guide, you’ll be doing bicep curls in the checkout line with all your gifts wondering if you should grab a second pair for yourself.

Here are nine ways to make this holiday season pumped up and memorable.

What To Get The Fitness Lover In Your Life

Full-size fitness equipment is typically expensive and bulky, while smaller exercise tools, like a foam roller, stability ball, or pull-up bar, may not fit your gym lover’s routine or align with their fitness goal.

That’s why a helpful gifting trick is to tackle the elements surrounding exercise (rather than the exercise itself). In short, consider gadgets, bags, clothes, and accessories that amplify their fitness lifestyle and make their exercises more enjoyable.

If you really want to show you care, getting them something from BÉIS is a great place to start.

From stylistic tote bags to the finest duffle bags and everything in between, here are nine gifts for fitness lovers that are BÉIS-approved.

#1 The Sport Tote

Fitness lovers are constantly on the move whether they’re doing reps in the gym, dashing from work to the yoga studio, or sneaking in a workout session during their lunch hour. And while they’re on the move, they’re toting around all of the fitness equipment and apparel they need to work out. This holiday season, make it easier on them by surprising them with The Sport Tote from BÉIS.

The Sport Tote is the miracle bag every gym lover has been waiting for. Designed to be carried like a traditional tote or backpack, it’s a versatile bag with compartments and pockets for transporting all the necessities. Water bottle, yoga mat, resistance band set, tennis racket—this bag can accommodate it all.

Available in black or beige, the Sport Tote also features a range of features for convenient carry, like:

  • Drawstring cord and lock closure
  • Adjustable backpack straps
  • Key-lash for clipping keys or pouch

Whether your fitness buff is going for an intense workout, a run, taking a hike, or hitting up a pilates class, The Sport Tote is the bag they can take with them.

For the everyday athlete. Shop now!

#2 The Expandable Tote

When the Sport Tote isn’t quite enough for your fitness enthusiast friend, the perfect gift to go with is our brand-new Expandable Tote. This bag takes totes to the next level for a roomier, functional way to carry everything you need and more.

The Expandable Tote comes ready to go with everything your fitness loving friend needs to get to and from the gym and everywhere else. Among its incredible features are:

  • Trolley sleeve
  • Padded laptop sleeve
  • Two water bottle pockets

But the best part is surely the zippered sides that easily expand for extra room in a pinch.

#3 The Sport Duffle

The classic duffle bag has been an iconic piece of fitness luggage for decades, but it started out as the favored bag of Allied soldiers during World War I. Its name comes from renowned poet E. E. Cummings, who coined the term in a letter dated 1917.1

The Sport Duffle from BÉIS is an updated and sophisticated spend on the original duffle design. Stylish, compact, and functional, the Sport Duffle is ready to go wherever your fitness fan goes. Now that’s poetry in motion (bad joke).

The perfect fitness gift for those who live an active lifestyle needs to be ready to meet the challenges of a highly active lifestyle. The Sport Duffle does just that, thanks to convenient features like:

  • Easy-to-grab handles
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • 5 storage pockets

With so much functionality packed into such an attractive bag, the Sport Duffle is easily among the best workout gifts for her that you’ll come across this year.

#4 The Expandable Duffle

Part of what makes our Sport Duffle such a great gift for fitness lovers is its compact size. But sometimes, gym goers and exercise aficionados need a little extra room when they’re on the move. For gym gear and gear that serves the other aspects of their life, like work or weekend getaways, consider our brand new Expandable Duffle.

You won’t just make the season merry and bright for your fitness lover when you put the Expandable Duffle under the tree—you’ll alter their fitness life completely. It comes built for performance thanks to incredible add-ons like:

  • Zippered closures
  • Two side slip pockets
  • Removable shoulder strap

Then, when the occasion calls for it, all it takes is a few quick pulls of the zipper to unlock three more inches of space.

#5 Hanging Shower Caddy

When the gym comes before work or other obligations, fitness lovers need a convenient way to clean up and get on with their day. That’s why our Hanging Shower Caddy ranks high on the list of the best gifts for those who like fitness and make it a part of their everyday life.

The Hanging Shower Caddy is made with a quick-drying, quick-draining mesh material so waiting for things to dry doesn’t slow down their day. Plus, there’s enough room for all of their shower essentials.

#6 The Sport Wristlet Set

If you’re looking for the perfect fitness gift for active women, consider The Sport Wristlet Set. With three pieces that work great on their own or together, it’s a beautiful solution for organizing the things she needs at the gym. The three-piece set includes:

  • One long zip pouch
  • One wide zip pouch
  • One snap envelope

She’ll love the convenience of keeping her gym card, lip gloss, cell phone, and other items in one place. Plus, to top things off, we’ve added a removable scrunchie for when she needs to put her hair up.

#7 The Cargo Backpack

This winter, we’re launching our brand new Cargo Backpack, a compact way for the fitness lover in your life to organize theirs. Featuring flap closure with a secure drawstring, it’s easy to open and fill with gear for the gym and everywhere else.

The outside of the Cargo Backpack is decked out with all the traits you expect from a BÉIS bag, like slip and side pockets, a trolley pass-through, and comfortable handles. Inside, we’ve made sure the Cargo Backpack accommodates anything your gym goer needs to carry. That means:

  • Padded laptop pocket
  • One large zipper pocket
  • Two large slip pockets

#8 Travel Yoga Mat

If your fitness lover is a hardcore yogi, the best way to wish them Happy Holidays is our Travel Yoga Mat. Unlike most yoga mats, this one is designed with mobility in mind, making it one of the best gifts for travel. It’s easy to roll up and already souped up with features that make it easy to transport, like:

  • Lightweight TPE synthetic rubber material
  • Strap for carrying and storage

The Travel Yoga Mat is perfect for trips to the yoga studio or doing simple exercises at home. And when it isn’t being used, it’s easy to roll up and store out of the way.

#9 Water Bottle Sling

If your holiday shopping list includes stocking stuffer gifts for fitness lovers, go for our Water Bottle Sling. It’s a workout gift that can go a long way to keeping your gym goer hydrated and healthy while they’re working out.

This crossbody bag is the perfect size to carry a water bottle, plus a few other pieces of equipment fitness enthusiasts need when they’re going for a light run or taking a stroll. It includes compartments for cell phones, house keys, and credit cards.

But that’s not all. The Water Bottle Sling comes with two comfy ways to carry it:

  • Adjustable strap for shoulder or crossbody carry
  • Side web handle hand for hand carry

Plus, we’ve included a drawstring and cord lock closure inside the bag to make sure that the water bottle is always upright and secure, no matter the activity.

BÉIS, For All Your Holiday Shopping

These gifts for fitness lovers should put you well on your way to ticking names off your shopping list and bringing seasonal cheer to the people you care about the most. The equipment, bags, and accessories from BÉIS are perfect for the most active people in their life.

When you source your holiday gifts from BÉIS, you’re showing the people in your life how much you care. We specialize in making quality bags and accessories that go everywhere they go, at prices that please your pocketbook.


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