11 Baby Travel Essentials Every Parent Needs
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11 Baby Travel Essentials Every Parent Needs

When you’re traveling with a baby, you know there’s a lot out of your control—how your precious bundle will adjust to turbulence, noise, and time changes, for starters. 

Besides these unknowns, your goal is to prepare for getting through security, onto your plane, and through your flight with the arsenal of things that keep your baby or little ones calm and happy, from fresh diapers to soothing toys.

The good news? The right packing list of baby essentials can help you avoid that moment of panic when you can’t find the specific pacifier that always stops tears in their tracks. 

Below is our list of 11 baby travel must haves that can help you be prepared and organized for your baby’s needs so that you can both enjoy your adventure. 

#1 Car Seat

Before you set foot on the plane, you have to make it to the airport. If you aren’t a car-owner, you could try requesting an Uber or Taxi with a baby seat—but wouldn’t you rather have a seat at hand, one with safety specs you know you can trust?

This is why an infant car seat is #1 on our list of infant travel essentials.

If you already use a convertible stroller with a detachable car bassinet and car seat, you’re all set. However, if your baby spends most of their time strapped to your chest, you’ll want to invest in a lightweight, functional car seat just for your trip to comply with the law and maintain peace of mind.

We like the Graco SnugRide® SnugLock® 35 LX car seat, which combines several sought-after features:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable

Keep your little ones safe on their trip to the airport, and cross your fingers that they’ll snooze underneath the canopy of your travel stroller while you pass through security. 

#2 A Stocked Baby Diaper Bag

You already have a go-to diaper bag so that you’re prepared when your baby does their business while you’re over at a friend’s or out shopping. 

But is it organized enough for smooth sailing during travel days?

If you’re on the lookout for the best baby travel bags, there’s no better time to buy than before your first big trip with your baby or toddler.

At BÈIS, we’ve designed diaper bags with:

  • Plenty of pockets  – With dedicated compartments for wipes and diapers as well as a detachable odor-proof pouch for a dirty diaper, it’s easy to store your essentials and any waste on-hand (until you can find a trash can). There’s even a pacifier pouch and bottle pocket!
  • Four sets of straps – An adjustable strap makes it easy to customize your travel bag’s look and functionality. Strap it to your baby’s stroller or carry it as a shoulder bag, and make changes on-the-go to suit the setting.

  • A luggage slip-on panel – When you’re traveling, you have your hands full—literally. Slip this stylish diaper bag onto your carry-on luggage, roll, and go.

The best feature of all? This baby bag for air travel doesn’t scream “diaper bag.” You’ll feel like you’ve got one of the most stylish baby bags on the whole plain. It’s elegant enough to go wherever you’re going—even a night off from mommy duty.


#3 Diaper Changing Pad

Sometimes, it’s easy to find a restroom with a changing table. Other times, you’re unfolding your denim jacket and hoping against all odds that this diaper change won’t result in a permanent stain.

Say goodbye to this concern with a collapsible, liquid-proof, and easy-to-wipe-down diaper changing pad.

Our fashionable diaper bag comes with an ultra-easy to whip out, use, and a wipe down changing mat. That’s why it’s earned a prime spot on our list of best baby travel gear.

#4 Wet Wipes

Need we say more?

Wet wipes are some of the most essential baby travel items out there for cleaning up everything from spills to spit-up. In a pinch, you can stash used wipes in your diaper bag’s odor-proof pouch. 

#5 Travel Stroller

You need a stroller to keep your baby cozy as you hit up the attractions on your vacation adventures.

If it’s your first time traveling with an infant, you may be concerned about getting your stroller through security and onto a plane. Thankfully, airline attendants can help your family get through early boarding without a hassle.

But the right stroller can make everyone’s life easier.

The BABYZEN Yoyo is lightweight and collapsible. This lightweight stroller has reached cult status for a reason—it folds and unfolds within instants, and you can even carry it over your shoulder.

With options for newborns and older babies, invest in this stroller and keep using it as your child grows.

#6 Stroller Caddy

Keep your essentials at your fingertips with an adjustable stroller caddy. Designed to easily snap on to any stroller, the BÈIS caddy is incredibly versatile. 

  • It has an interior pocket designed specifically for bottles and offers spacious mesh compartments for your burp cloth, snacks, or extra diaper storage.
  • Zippered compartments are a perfect fit for your phone, keys, wallet, and other essentials.
  • It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap to carry cross-body.

It’s never been easier to get off the plane, open your stroller, and keep your essentials at the ready.

#7 Bottle Cooler

The best way to keep your little one content during long and potentially uncomfortable voyages?

Have plenty of food on-hand.

Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, having a ready backup supply of food can make it easier to feed your baby when it’s convenient for you (i.e., not when you’re waiting in line at passport control).

Enter BÈIS’s stylish bottle cooler. This insulated bottle holder is a travel must-have and includes ice packs, making it easy to keep your baby bottle(s) cool.

#8 Silicone Bibs

The downside of keeping travel snacks at the ready? You know a mess is inevitable, and the last thing you want to do is change your tot’s jumper in a confined space!

Bibs are a perennial favorite amongst on the go items for babies. But if you usually use cloth bibs, you probably aren’t looking forward to doing laundry on vacation.

The ingenious solution? Silicone bibs.

  • When you place one of these on your baby, you know their outfit will make it through mealtime and burping.
  • Use one of those handy wet-wipes to clean off the bib.
  • Then, place it back in your liquid-safe diaper bag!

#9 Sleep Sack

It’s almost impossible to predict the temperature on planes. That’s why our list of baby flight essentials includes something to keep your child warm!

If you aren’t already using a wearable blanket during nap time, now is a great time to start. A sleep sack is safe for your baby, and inverted zippers make it easy to take the sack on and off for diaper changes and temperature adjustments.

This way, you won’t have to worry about the complexities of swaddling while you deal with everything else on your tray-table! 

#10 Travel Toys

The best baby travel accessories ensure a smooth flight for everyone—your family and beyond. So how do you soothe your little munchkin when you hear a tantrum coming on?

If you’re like most parents, you have a tried-and-true trick, whether it’s taking them for a walk, putting them in the car, or using an electric crib.

Unfortunately, travel can limit many of these options.

That's why it’s so important to remember the right pacifier, special blankie, snack, and any beloved toys. 

#11 Portable Crib

Beyond flight essentials for baby, it’s important to think ahead to your hotel. Once you arrive at your destination, you’ll want to start unpacking and get comfortable.

Is that really possible with a hotel crib?

While you can’t bring your whole crib on most trips, a portable crib can create a sleep environment that you can fully trust.

The Baby Bjorn travel crib earns high marks for the following features:

  • Comfy mattress
  • Highly collapsible
  • Travel bag included
  • Deluxe safety features
  • Breathable material

We hope this travel crib will let your whole family rest easier.

Don’t Forget Your Own Travel Essentials

Now, you have the best travel items for baby to ensure your little one has everything they need.

Can you say the same for yourself?

As you know, babies are more perceptive than we can imagine. If you’re stressed carrying your brand-new baby bag on top of the janky suitcase you’ve been rolling around since college, it could have an effect on you both.

Likewise, if going through security is extra chaotic while you fumble to find your TSA-approved 3-1-1 liquid bag, it can impact the entire trip.

Whether you’re traveling with toddlers on embarking on a trip with a newborn, you should prepare your own luggage with the same love and care you extend to your little one! So make sure that baby on the go items aren’t the only things on your packing list. 

Take a look at our packing tips so that you can make zipping up your own suitcase a well-organized, calm affair. (And if you don’t have the bandwidth, be sure to ask your partner or a friend for a helping hand.)

That way, you and baby can both get a little R&R when you reach your destination.

Get Organized with BÈIS

As a mom on the go, you have a hundred things to keep organized. You sometimes head out the door, unsure if you actually remembered your passport, keys, wallet, cell phone, deodorant... oh, and your baby!

If style is at the forefront of your mind, then you’ve come to the right place. Our bags make sure you are not only prepared with the essentials, but you’ll look so chic, no one will even know it’s loaded top to bottom with baby diapers, toys, snacks, and more!

At BÈIS, our goal is to make family travel easy and stylish, whether you’re heading to the grocery store or out on your next family adventure with young kids. Shop our line of luggage, travel accessories, and baby gear to find the perfect stylish bag for you.


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