The Puffer Sling

in Black

The Puffer Sling in Black

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BÉIS has created a crossbody sling bag perfect for everyday use when carrying all of your essentials! The Puffer Sling is an adjustable crossbody bag that was inspired from winter-wear trends to be an extension of your favorite winter coat, although still suitable year round. The adjustable padded shoulder strap and large main compartment make it easy to carry winter gear essentials, gym clothing and other smaller items like your cell phone, laptop, tablet, or credit cards.

The ability to pack everything you need in one accessible place for when you need it is a feature sometimes not prioritized in regular backpack designs. The sling backpack design distributes the weight of the shoulder bag across the chest and body evenly for extra protection, easing strain on your neck and back muscles. And with a durable polyester fabric, you can rest assured that your belongings will stay safe and dry from any wet conditions.

“This is a new style for us, brought to life after I dreamt up my perfect bag for on the go. Sampled it, used it, loved it and here we are. This is a new style of bag for us. I used it and love it. One shoulder easy to use perfect for on the go.” — Shay

Cozy winter vibes - ready for your ski adventure

Everything has its place

Multiple ways to carry

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The Puffer Sling crossbody bag was made with cozy winter vibes in mind. It's chic puffy look and convenient size will keep all your things safe and ready for your ski adventure.


Everything has its place and sometimes you need an extra zipper pocket for quick access to your smaller items that you don't want to spend so much time looking for in the large main compartment. The Puffer Sling backpack has a built-in side zipper pocket so you can get your personal belongings and valuables quickly with no issue.  


A new feature is the added adjustable shoulder strap that is padded for extra protection of your shoulder muscles, so you can carry your things up and down the mountain in multiple ways.

The Puffer Sling from BÉIS is the perfect black sling bag for your next winter excursion! Pack everything up and throw your gear and winter essentials over your shoulder with ease. You can be certain that everything from large to small items will be able to fit securely in your tactical sling backpack. 

This crossbody sling bag trumps the traditional backpack and is made from reliable polyester fabric perfect for the winter months. The compact bag pairs perfectly with your winter coat and can carry all of your everyday essentials all while you keep your hands free and warm in your pockets. The single strap and its adjustable length make getting around less straining on the chest and body over time, and with the large size of the storage space, having enough room shouldn't be an issue.