The Hot Tools Cover


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No tool is too big or too small for this cover! AND we’ve packed in even more with an extra slip pocket, lined with burn-proof lining, so you can bring your curling iron and your flat iron! Tuck any hot tool, still piping hot, into the The Hot Tools Cover and worry no more. Last minute touch-ups, yes! Burned blouses, no!

Shay's Inspo

"This product was a practical addition. I’m always rushing to get ready and out the door in time to make my flight, and I was always having to get creative to avoid worrying about my suitcase burning up on the car ride to the airport. Sure, we always know that we need to remember our hair tools, but do we ever plan with enough advance to use them before having to run out the door?! NO. Enter the hot tools cover." - Shay Mitchell


No more burn holes.
Keep your cord tangle-free.

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