The BÉIS Buffer

The BÉIS Buffer

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Nov 13, 2022

Keep it clean! Not all trips end with a squeaky clean piece of luggage, so we created a set of buffers so you can buff out any scuffs you received while exploring the world!

"It’s inevitable that luggage is going to get scuffed up when going from point A to point B, and that’s okay, the more bumps & bruises just tells the story of your trips! Still, every once in awahile you want to shine up your lugage like new. We developed a solution for those of us who like to begin each trip with a beautiful and clean start. The BEIS Buffer is super easy to use and will leave your bag looking as good as the day you bought it." -Shay

Two buffing sponges

Mesh pouch included to keep them together

Easily buff out any scuffs

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