The Flat Iron Cover


Picture this, you're finishing straightening your hair when you realize your flight leaves in less than two hours. You obviously can't leave that flat iron behind. So, what do you do? Wrap it in a towel and risk your precious cargo going up in flames?! No-way! Alas, meet the Flat Iron Cover. Tuck that hot tool, still piping hot, into the The Flat Iron Cover and worry no more. Last minute touch-ups, yes! Burned blouses, no! .


Dims: 12.5"H x 4.5"W x 1"D
Materials: Exterior - Poly Canvas, Lining - Heat Resistant Liner, Trim - PU Edge Binding
Care: Spot Clean
Weight: 0.26lbs


- poly with patent trim
- fire retardant lining
- exterior pocket to keep cord untangled
- embossed BÉIS logo patch
- hidden mag closure

- Travel
- At Home Storage

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